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Breastfeeding Help On The North Shore

Resources for breastfeeding information – including the early days, the first year of breastfeeding, and beyond – all on the North Shore! Coast Midwifery encourages everyone to be familiar with these resources, as you never know when you are going to need some support! Maybe it’s at the beginning of breastfeeding, maybe it’s at the […]

Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA): Abdominal Separation

  Think of the abdominal muscles having 2 distinct sides, a left side and a right side.  These muscle groups run from your breastbone to your pelvis and are joined in the middle by thin layers of fascia and tendons like a zipper holding together 2 sides of jacket.   In pregnancy due to the related […]

Packing your hospital bag? Things to take…

While Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver provides some basic supplies, you will need to bring a few things with you, and maybe even a few more things to make yourself even more comfortable!   When to pack your bag?  Ideally, you should get your hospital bag ready with all your essentials about three or […]

I support midwives – how can I help?

As a registered midwife in British Columbia, serving mainly North and West Vancouver, my heart goes out to pregnant women and their families elsewhere in BC who can’t get community-based maternity care.  Equally, closer to home, although Coast Midwifery has availability in our practice to take new clients on now, I’d like to look to […]

Prenatal Classes, what for?

A good prenatal class will lessen fears about birth, prepare you and your partner for labour, and strengthen your confidence in your self and your body. If you are spending your time in a class, it has to be effective in improving your health awareness, expand your personal view of birth, and build on what […]