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Packing your hospital bag? Things to take…

While Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver provides some basic supplies, you will need to bring a few things with you, and maybe even a few more things to make yourself even more comfortable!

When to pack your bag?  Ideally, you should get your hospital bag ready with all your essentials about three or four weeks before your due date.

What to pack:

Camera.  Batteries charged.

Toiletries  Hair ties, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste.  You should have at least one pack of the large, overnight pads (with wings helps), shampoo + conditioner, soap, your hair stuff… and any product that you can’t go without (for me it would be my moisturizer!).

Clothing for you  Flip-flops or slippers.  Pajamas + robe (there are gowns at the hospital, but bring your own if you prefer).  Extra underwear, nursing bra, and something comfortable to wear for the car ride home (soft pants?).  Leave your jewelry at home!

Baby clothes   Lion’s Gate Hospital no longer provides baby gowns or hats, so bring some baby clothes! Baby nighties or sleepers, baby undershirts or onesies, hat, mittens and/or socks (babies often scratch themselves before you can cut their fingernails), sweater/outerwear (depending on the weather).

Infant car seat  Under BC law, on discharge from hospital all infants must be fitted in an approved car seat.  Include a blanket or receiving blankets to cover baby too.

In Addition – Some people like to bring their own pillow, snacks, electrolyte drinks (Gatorade, coconut water), ipod + ipod dock or cds, cell phone charger.  Also, some people like to pack a bag for labour, and anouther one for things to use after the baby is born.

Tip  for Dads and Birth Partners:  Wear comfortable shoes and clothes – you may be in them for a while!

Any other suggestions from you experienced moms out there?

Aleka Stobo RM



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